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Ta Petro

Professional Truck Drivers

Professional Truck Driver at TravelCenters of America

Best Amenities, Best Services. Best Hospitality. Voted Best By Drivers.

Ever since we opened for business over 40 years ago, we’ve been providing the best service on the interstate. Each of our locations is designed to deliver maximum customer efficiency, and our employees are trained to understand our customers' needs. It’s no wonder we’re the most trusted brand in the truck stop industry, Voted Best, year-in and year-out.


click TA and Petro map of Locations to go to location directoryLocation Directory

There are more than 250 TA and Petro Stopping Centers locations nationwide, conveniently located off major highway interstate exits. TA and Petro full-service travel centers are open 24/7/365.


click trucks at Petro fueling station to go to get fueling pricesFueling Prices

Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of the trucking industry. Whether for a major fleet or an individual owner-operator, issues affecting the supply of diesel have an enormous impact to the timely delivery of the nation's freight.


click on UltraONE Rewards for Professional Truck Drivers to visit UltraOne rewardsUltraONE Rewards

The UltraONE card gives you the power to earn and redeem points and showers at any participating TA or Petro Stopping Centers location nationwide.

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